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Sanction L Ist s

Sanction Lists


info4c provides all major financial sanctions lists (Sanctions Database) that are published by regulators and other official national and international organisations and institutions. The relevant financial sanctions lists for your institution depend amongst other factors on your country or countries of residence and activity.

Curated Information

info4c databases are based on legal requirements and structured in line with regulatory categories. All lists from around the world (various regulators/institutions) are fully and consistently structured.

Financial sanctions include amongst others:

  • United Nations Security Council Consolidated lists
  • European Union lists
  • OFAC SDN / OFAC Consolidated lists (USA)
  • FinCEN, 311 Special Measures list (USA)
  • HM Treasury lists (UK)
  • SECO / FDFA and other lists (Switzerland)
  • Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade – Consolidated list
  • Other lists from various countries/jurisdictions
  • Sanction lists are in line with the ones published by the regulators and the relevant institutions.
    • Official authorities and sources
    • Lists are reviewed by compliance specialists to fulfil regulatory requirements
  • Daily update of relevant lists
    • High quality, up-to-date
  • Audit-proof documentation
    • Full documentation for regulators and auditors with description, dates of publication of the lists and source authority
    • Selection depending on jurisdiction
  • Cost-efficient automatic screening for large numbers of names
    • Well-structured data, easy-to-integrate
    • Optimisation of name matching and compliance process
  • Select and acquire the databases / information which best fit your needs.

Sources are exclusively official authorities. Sources are documented and delivered to customers.