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Who we are

We are a boutique information company that provides curated and focused intelligence for legal requirements and compliance.

Our team is international and we are globally active. We have an excellent international partner network.

We were founded in 2002 and are based in Zurich, Switzerland.

We are the only provider based in Europe and subject to data protection rules in the territory.

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What we do

We deliver customised data feeds to our partners & clients directly from our curated and dedicated compliance info databases.

Our focused information supports your compliance process in a straightforward, efficient and cost effective manner.

info4C databases are based on legal requirements and structured in line with regulatory categories.

Sources of information are almost exclusively official authorities and recognised organisations.

info4c documents all its sources. Our documentation is audit proof.

Our guiding principles

Value vs Volume & Form follows Function

  • Every info4c database fulfils specific compliance purposes, functions, needs & processes as well as regulatory requirements.
  • Every info4c database is therefore built with a specific concept, customised structure and curated information.
  • Building for purpose means that our databases deliver compliance data and information that is cost effective,.easy to integrate and reduce false positives.
  • Building for purpose means that our databases fulfil GDPR requirements.
  • Building for purpose means that info4c data and deliveries are auditable because we source from documented official and recognised sources.
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methodology and procedures

What makes us unique

Curated Information

Compliance information curated by info4c has intrinsic qualities that make it a fundamental prerequisite for our clients compliance processes and risk management.

  • Our methodology and centralised quality assurance procedures guarantee that our data leads the industry in quality
  • All our information is curated specifically for compliance and risk management
  • We research our information in over 20 languages from official, public, reliable, reputable and transparent sources – no rumours
  • Info4c data is current, updated continuously and relevant
  • Our documentation is audit-proof
  • All info4c data and information is GDPR compliant

Innovative, Independent & Certified

  • info4c is independent, innovative, data-centric and technology-agnostic, this helps us focus our solutions on client needs
  • We are the only truly European AML / KYC provider
  • We are the only provider that has audited PEP, Sanction Lists and Watchlists & Blacklists process standards in line with FATF, the EU, Swiss, UK, USA and other national regulators
  • Our data hosting has a state-of-the-art security standard with certified partners: ISO 9000 / ISO 27000 / ISAE 3402

Efficient Delivery

  • We design our solutions and data to make your processes more efficient and minimise unnecessary processing costs
  • Our information is structured and easy to integrate with flexible formats (incl. XML, CSV, TXT) that can be delivered to all IT systems.
  • Multiple selection, bundling, client customisation and packaging is possible. e.g. legal requirement, purpose, jurisdiction, legal environment, specific process etc.