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We are a boutique information company that provides curated and focused intelligence for legal requirements and compliance.

info4c is based in Zurich and operates globally. We are completely independent, owner managed and driven.

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OFAC Sanctions News

Revocation of Venezuela-related General License; Venezuela-related...
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Selected Sanctions News

Publication of Xinjiang Supply Chain Business...
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Selected Sanctions News

Consolidated list of persons, groups and entities subject to EU financial...
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Selected Sanctions News

UK sanctions on Lebanon (Assassination of Rafiq Hariri and others)
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Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti Money Laundering (AML), Prevention of corruption and terrorism financing FCPA and the Bribery Act all demand an increasingly complicated and broad spectrum of data and information to satisfy compliance requirements.

info4c data and information is curated, focused and high quality. It will help you fulfil regulatory requirements and reduce risks efficiently and rapidly.

Our clients and partners can select and acquire information that is tailored to their needs, compliance processes and risk management strategy.