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Management & Teams

Exceptional teams

  • info4c has highly qualified, experienced and dedicated research teams of legal, compliance and risk management specialists

  • 15 nationalities / 17 languages in Switzerland

  • 20 nationalities / 25 languages globally

Founding Partners

  • The founding partners of info4c are long standing professionals from the areas of actuary science, compliance, legal and risk management

Management Team activities

  • Founding member of ACAMS® Switzerland Chapter (Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists)
  • Co-Founder & board member of SACO (Swiss Association of Compliance Officers)
  • Member of Consiglio Nazionale degli Attuari
  • Lecturer for post graduate compliance studies
    • University of Liechtenstein
    • University of Zürich
    • Institute of Financial Services Zug
  • Alumni of Columbia Business School & Institute for Management Development