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A comprehensive risk and reputational management tool including more than 1000 compliance and risk relevant lists from over 80 countries.

Type of lists



What are “Watchlists & Blacklists”?

Under this title info4c provides a wide variety of lists covering additional compliance, risk management and reputational needs. There are "Warning Notices" from financial authorities and supervisors (Bafin, FMA, FINMA, FCA...) but also "Wanted" lists from police departments, governments, national and international investigation authorities (Interpol, FBI, DEA, DIA...), lists from international tribunals, enforcement actions, disqualified directors and debarred companies from governmental and international agencies.

What distinguishes your offer of “Watchlists & Blacklists”?

Sources are only official recognized regional, national or international authorities: this assures quality and reliability to the compliance officer and other users.

info4c covers more than 80 jurisdictions including Eastern European countries, Latin America, Middle East, India, China etc. translating names and relevant content in English where necessary.

How often do you update your databases?

The PEP Desk™ is updated constantly and published every 2 weeks. Standard prices are based on monthly deliveries Sanction lists are updated daily and standard prices are based on deliveries every 2 weeks. Watchlists & Blacklists are updated depending on the list (more than 1000 lists from over 80 countries).

Do you sell complete systems (software) for the client’s portfolio checking?

Our core product is the content but we work together with various IT partners and our databases are integrated in many different IT systems. We provide an online due diligence check.