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Customized reports on individuals, companies or transactions.

Compliance reports with in-depth analysis focused on identifying higher risk current and prospective customers and on assessing and monitoring existing relationships. Background analysis with highlights on wealth accumulation factors and professional and personal networks with special attention to political and other high risk connections. Full picture with relevant political relations.

Due diligence reports on business partners and for recruiting top managers. Reports include current and previous international business activities and personal environment, background and relationships, identifying professional development, major strengths and achievements but also risk and reputational factors or negative events connected to the person or her/its activities.

Reports on companies include a full comprehensive analysis of related individuals (directors, owners and others) and their risk factors, group structures and related entities.

Specialized research and analysis globally in more than 20 languages.

Hundreds of thousands of sources, proprietary and third party databases, news archives including the international major players and compliance information providers, court records, company registers and chambers of commerce worldwide. Reports reviewed by compliance specialists, excellent quality and reliability.


Can we request an extensive analysis report on an anonymous basis?

In special cases the requests for an extensive analysis report can be made through the mediation of a lawyer. In this case there is no direct contact between info4c and the customer.

What distinguishes your extensive analysis reports from other similar services provided by other companies?

info4c provides a unique type of report. All public information found which includes also the personal, professional and political environment will be included in the report. The high quality and degree of analysis guarantees a clear comprehensive overview of the name requested, international activities and connections. Our network of research and analysis specialists covers more than 20 different languages. On-site controls and risk ratings are available on demand.